CBD And Celebrities

Outspoken Celebrity Hemp Advocates

Celebrities and public figures have been on the cutting edge of various industries for decades and along with the advocacy of lesser known, but politically and culturally significant, advocates these forces can move the needle on an industry. The wondrous powers of CBD Oil and other cannabinoids is no different. These eight influencers and advocates have been instrumental and helping audiences and the greater public recognize the potential positive impact of cannabinoids and with their support some have even helped change the laws of the land.  

Whoopi Goldberg

Since she exploded on the scene in the 80s, Whoopi has been known as an avid cannabis user. For the past two decades she has advocated for its legality across the United States and used her platform on the hit ABC show The View to talk about the positive effects of cannabinoids including THC and CBD. Earlier this year, hoping to take a part in the industry and help fuse the benefit she found in hemp-based products, she’s releasing a line of cannabis products. Included in this line up are CBD products hoping to help women combat menstrual cramps through the anti-inflammatory effects of the popular CBD oil. This line is solely available in Colorado and California, two states with recreational usages of THC legal. She partnered with longtime cannabis advocate Maya Elisabeth who has worked in medical cannabis for years in California.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Famed actress Gwyneth Paltrow has moved into the luxury wellness industry with the launch of her lifestyle brand and internet retailer “goop.” At their annual summit, where tickets can range as high as $650 a piece, Paltrow spoke highly of CBD and has incorporated the super cannabinoid into her products and the items she swears by. The retailer has CBD tincturesCBD salves, CBD lotions, bath bombs and even deliciously infused cocktails. They are all considered to be “luxury” options and run on the pricier side. While not a traditional advocate, Paltrow’s influence on the wellness market is undeniable and dedicating an entire panel at one of the most attended conferences in the country to the benefits of THC and CBD has the potential to massively impact the market.  

Snoop Dogg

A longtime user and advocate of marijuana and other THC derivatives, Snoop Dogg is top of mind for many when it comes to prominent celebrities known to be avid users of cannabis. With his own line of CBD products designed to combat anxiety in animals, this legendary rapper has been on the forefront of the legalization movement for the past 25 years. While many just associate him with his love for marijuana, he has put his money where his mouth is. Snoop has been part of Casa Verde Capital, a venture capitalist firm for cannabis-based industry, for years and has helped cultivate the groundwork for legal hemp and cannabis in Colorado and other parts of the country.

Martha Stewart

Potentially a surprising addition to the list, the domestic queen has been an outspoken advocate of cannabis since her friendship with Snoop Dogg took a smoky turn during the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. Since then, she has incorporated CBD oils and other cannabidioloffshoots into her domestic empire worth approximately $640 million. Earlier this year it was announced that she will be partnering with Canadian cannabis distributor, Canopy Growth Corporation, to launch her own CBD line based on her latest hobby. Set to be released within the next two years, Stewart has been the queen of reinvention since her release from federal prison and remains a staunch advocate and proponent of hemp-based products.

Mary Pryor

Founder of “Cannaclusive,” Mary Pryor is a proud advocate of the cannabis industry, which she has lobbied on behalf of in New York City and Los Angeles before legalization. Her company focuses on creating an inclusive environment in the industry, focusing on developing female-owned and minority-owned cannabis businesses. Her work as a marketing specialist has helped her mission as a business owner. She knows the importance of serving niche and culturally rich audiences. As apart from trying to ingratiate others to the industry, Pryor is focused on trying to help the industry serve underappreciated consumers and cultivate a lane for black and brown business owners in the booming cannabis and hemp industry.

Jonathan Miller

Miller serves as one of the members on the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. This organization is one of the industry’s leading advocates for full legalization of hemp in the United States across the states and on a federal level. Launched in 2017, Miller has been on the forefront of lobbying for the industry to ensure its long-term viability. In 2019, Miller served as a representative at the FDA’s first official public hearing on CBD. In hopes of blazing the trail toward legalization, Miller spoke about the need to have an efficient regulatory framework for CBD and other derivatives that only the FDA could help install so as to make sure everything on the market is safe, but also ensure that there are not too many legal hurdles.

Jack Herer

Historically, Jack Herer was one of the founding advocates for the legalization of hemp and cannabis in the United States. Often referred to as “The Emperor of Hemp,” Herer wrote his magnum opus and the authority on Hemp “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” The book was published in 1973 and focuses on the untold history of hemp in America as one of the leading crops during colonial times in American history and its precedent in other societies and cultures over the past 10,000 years. He also focused on the potential usage in fossil fuels, clothing, papers, food and medicinal efforts. He also spoke highly of the potential of the crop to alleviate world hunger and combat climate change. For the past 40 years, Herer has been on the frontlines of hemp legalization and after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, part of his dream had come true: hemp was, in some ways, legal in the United States and the future is bright in part thanks to his advocacy as the “Hemperor.” His impact can be seen across the advocacy movement and his book is considered required reading for people interested in using their power and influence to help the entire community become a federally legitimate alternative whether it be in medicine, wellness or construction.

Anndrea Hermann

A self-proclaimed “hemp activist,” Anndrea Hermann is a professor of Industrial Hemp at Oregon State University. She has long been on the forefront of the hemp industry as she gained her MSc in Hemp Fibre Agronomy and works as a independent, professional agrologist in Canada. Additionally, Hermann has a consulting firm that specializes in cannabis and hemp businesses where she helps newcomers in the industry adjust to the appropriate laws and regulations in both Canada and the United States. She serves as president of the Hemp Industries Association, which is a nonprofit in the United States that serves as a trade association connecting over 1,000 supporters and distributors of hemp-based products. Hermann has invested over 15 years in the industry as an activist, an advocate and as a premium player constantly lending her expertise to help build community and opportunity for people interested in the wonderous powers of this historic phenomenon.


Many of the more prominent advocates for cannabis center their attention around marijuana in part because CBD is legal under certain regulatory powers; whereas, THC centric products remain illegal in much of the country, so an inordinate amount of activism is placed in that field. Still, the support of activists and celebrities has a huge impact as their influence in different spheres brings attention to CBD benefits on health and wellness. As prominent personalities spotlight CBD, the more people these businesses enjoy and, more importantly, the more people will benefit from the byproducts of CBD oils.  

Credit: Queen City Hemp Staff


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