Will My Dog Get “High” from CBD Oils and Supplements?

IAs pet owners, we want the best for our pets. Especially when it comes to their health.

So, chances are you’ve heard that CBD and cannabis supplements are one of the latest trends in the pet health market.

But no matter how much positive news you hear about these products, the thought of giving your pet “pot” is a bit worrying to say the least.

So today I am going to debunk some common misconceptions about CBD oils and other cannabis pet supplements.

I’ll specifically look at whether CBD oils can make pets high, and will always direct you to an awesome line of CBD pet products I’ve tried for myself.

Let’s get down to debunking one of the biggest misconceptions about CBD oils and other cannabis pet supplements:

Will My Dog Get High from CBD?

In short, the answer is no.

CBD is a non psychoactive compound, meaning it doesn’t produce any kind of “high” or “buzz.”

And trust me, that’s a good thing:

Being “stoned” is far from funny for animals, as they are much more sensitive to the effects of cannabis than humans.

To help you better understand cannabis supplements like CBD, here is some more information about the cannabis plant and how cannabis pet supplements work.

Understanding Cannabis, CBD, and Cannabis Pet Supplements

Cannabis is a plant most people associate with marijuana, a popular recreational drug.

The main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is one of about 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis plant, and is responsible for causing the strong euphoria associated with a cannabis “high.”

CBD, or cannabidiol, is another popular cannabinoid found in cannabis.

However, unlike THC, CBD is completely non psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t produce any of the effects associated with being “high.”

In fact:

CBD has many medicinal properties, and has shown positive results in helping treat everything from pain and inflammation to anxiety, depression, and stress, both in humans and animals.

Most of the cannabis available for recreational use is bred to contain high concentrations of THC with only small amounts of CBD.

Luckily, this isn’t the stuff they use to make pet supplements.

Most CBD supplements are actually made from hemp, a variety of cannabis that contains very low concentrations of THC but high concentrations of non psychoactive CBD.

Also, in most countries, CBD products can only be sold legally if they contain less than 1% THC, which is far too little to cause any kind of “high.”

Hence, as long as you get your CBD products from a reputable retailer and not a parking lot, you can rest assured it’ll be 100% safe to use on your furry friends.

Where to Buy CBD for Pets?

If you’re interested in trying these supplements for your pet, I highly recommend using CannaBliss.

CannaBliss is extremely easy to use and has received a ton of positive feedback from all sorts of customers.

All the products I review on this site contain only CBD, so you can rest assured they’ll produce no psychoactive effects for your pet at all.

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